Esko Mikaeli Huhdanpää

Curriculum Vitae

Esko Huhdanpää was born on 19th September 1931 in Karkku, Heinoo village, Finland. His mother, Orga Jokipohja (born Huhdanpää) from Parkano died in 1934. Esko Huhdanpää lived in Sarkola village 1934-1950, after that among others in Sammaljoki, Pori, Siikainen, Punkalaidun, Huittinen, Hämeenlinna, Hausjärvi and Laitikkala village in Pälkäne

He started studying technical drawing in an academy, after that he has studied painting and sculpturing, history, philosophy, business, law and dialectic also in the Soviet Union.

Esko Huhdanpää Esko Huhdanpää worked for example as a carpenter, logger, in a sawmill, driving taxi, truck, pillar and motor grader, as well as a journalist. He had an advertising agency in Hämeenlinna from 1958 to 1972; owned a share in printing house / local paper 1978-1982. Bachelor of Philosophy – Painter.

Taught in primary school, high schools and in adult education centres from 1960 in several communities, mostly drawing but also other subjects. Last worked as lecturer in the school of Urjala.

He took part in numerous joint exhibitions, and started having his private exhibitions from 1958 in very many different communities, also in the countryside. In the earlier years Esko Huhdanpää could be described as an expressionist, but later he moved on – through an analytical phase – to original naïve art.

Esko Huhdanpää’s work can be seen in many collections on axis Moscow – New York – Wuontisjärvi, but also in private homes, most located in Wammala and Pori. There are lot of paintings from the series “Koskenoja goes to town” in the city of Nokia.


Started writing in 1953 and wrote ever since; won prizes in different writing competitions. He studied in “Topelius-academy” and was taught among others by Utrio-Linnilä, Kaiho Nieminen, Jukka Pakkanen and other important Finnish writers. He published numerous articles, art and book reviews, letters and obituaries. As authors’ edition he published the book Suomalainen Ruletti (Finnish Roulette) in 1968. His family published the novel Puhemies in 2006.

Esko Huhdanpää was a non-committed socialist, and a member of the Evangelic-Lutheran Church. Been a member of the Art Association of Huttinen, and the Province Writers Association.

Was married with Sirpa Marttinen-Huhdanpää, four children, five grandchildren.

Esko Huhdanpää died on 28th February 2006.


“Mainos-Huhdanpää“ advertisement agency / graphic designer / painter for 10 years in Hämeenlinna.

A member of the Häme Art Association his whole adult life.

Has worked as a trainer in childrens’ and teenagers’ art camp.

Trailblazer of serigraphy.

Through Esko Huhdanpää’s action the Huittinen Art Association was reanimated in 1971. This led to organising an art camp and an art competition, a course in serigraphy and an art group, which was led by Huhdanpää himself.

Esko Huhdanpää

One can find Esko Huhdanpää’s work in

Ownership of the communities of Harjavalta, Huittinen, Wammala and Hämeenlinna.
In the collections of the banks OP Kiikka, OP Huhtamo and Nordea.
The newspaper Tyrvään Sanomat’s collection
In hundreds of homes around the globe.

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